Dave Snowdon, Ph.D.

Dave Snowdon was formerly a research scientist at Xerox Research Centre Europe in Grenoble, France where he created innovative systems for information sharing and worked with peer to peer and context-driven mobile systems. He is now working at Snowtiger Design where his current project is writing the software and web user interface for Pete Townshend's Lifehouse Method.

He obtained his PhD from Manchester University, UK after work on a novel object-oriented multi-user collaborative virtual environment (CVE) called AVIARY. Between 1994 and 1998 he worked at the Communications Research Group at Nottingham University during which time he worked on new systems to support CVEs, collaborative information visualisationa and public VR artisitic experiences which were demonstrated publically at the Nottingham Now Ninety6 and NOW Ninety7 arts festivals. He has also co-chaired three international conferences on Collaborative Virtual Environments CVE'96 (Nottingham, UK), CVE'98 (Manchester, UK) and ACM CVE2000 (San Francisco, USA).

Lawrence Ball, B.Sc. Computer Science

Lawrence Ball is a composer living in London, England. As well as innovating in devising computer-generated dynamically varying tones that relax and restore the mind, Lawrence has composed and designed harmonic mathematical audio and visual forms for symphony orchestra, computer/synthesizer and other media of expression. Lawrence's work in improvisation and composition, electronic and acoustic is one of the broadest of any composer. He has accompanied the international painting group Collective Phenomena who work 'more than one to a canvas' with marathon keyboard improvisations, at John Calder's La Fonderie in Paris and The Blackie in Liverpool, as well as at Planet Tree Music Festival. Lawrence has written for the pianist Yonty Solomon (2 Suites), for The Smith (string) Quartet, the Electric Symphony Orchestra, the pianist Tim Ravenscroft, the female vocal quartet Rosy Voices, and 6 pieces for the violist Robin Ireland (of the Lindsay Quartet). In 1996 he founded the Planet Tree Music Festival, which he also directs. He is also a highly sought after private tutor in mathematics, computer programming, physics and music theory.


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